Moved, like a year ago!

Did you know this site moved?  It moved over a year ago!  I tried to make the transition smooth but I think I may have lost a few of you along the way.  So sorry for the confusion!

I switched from hosted (here) to self-hosted (the new site) so if you were using a read-feeder or the feed to keep up with me, you were not getting the most recent info.

What did you miss? Here’s a recap:

You have missed more raccoon and skunk trapping madness….

You missed a lot of gardening…

You missed my all time favorite recipe (and now is the perfect time to make it)…

And most of all you missed last year’s 31 Days Of Surviving Chronic Illness project, which has now been condensed down into a free downloadable .PDF.  You can find links to it on the homepage of the new site:

So if you’re an old reader of mine who thought I just fell off the face of the earth, you’re sorta right.  I’m still writing over at , albeit it slowly right now. I hope you’ll pop on over to the new site, add me to your reader or subscribe via email so you won’t miss any more of the craziness.

Don’t forget, you can also catch up with me and my friends on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest! Oh, and Google+, which I actually prefer but no one seems to understand.


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